Understanding what these ranking factors are and how to leverage them for better Local SEO is the key to supercharging your local marketing efforts. Here is a guide to learn how to do Local SEO. Reviews pack a ton of clout … Protect Local: Free tools, training, and resources to help your company and local business clients during COVID-19 and beyond. Things change quickly, and an SEO auditor ensures that every aspect remains in the same updated SEO algorithms domain. Time Commitment: 2 minutes. Audit brand mentions and implied links 15. 4. “Look at your local competitors’ backlink profiles to see which links they have that you don’t,” Elliott says. Local SEO Audit Checklist Check Yes/ No Priority (High, Medium or Low) Duplicate Content Is the website content duplicate? Below you will find a series of steps you should take. A site audit is truly the first step in any effective local SEO campaign. Comprehensive local SEO audit tool for analyzing 100+ Google My Business, website, and brand authority factors that are affecting your Map Pack rankings. It is the first activity my agency does when bringing on a new client. A Complete Local SEO Checklist. And the basics matter. 6. This often leaves them lacking in reviews, which are vitally important for building credibility — but they’re also an indicator of quality for Google. Elliott’s tip for selecting the best category for your business is to do a competitor analysis and see which categories your key local competitors have chosen. Simply click on the link below to download! And in Elliot’s experience, there are a few basics that should be tackled when you’re thinking locally: Note: If you need a quick way to identify these and other technical issues that might need to be addressed, simply type your URL into Raven’s Site Auditor tool. This will let you know exactly where you stand in terms of citations and local SEO. Checklist for a Local SEO Audit. Think of it like putting your website data into an organized Excel spreadsheet. Sign In Get An Instant Demo. Specifically, Elliott recommends including your business NAP information (Name, Address, Phone Number) in a structured data format — to make it easier for search engines to interpret your location information and pull NAP data into search results pages. The next step for your local SEO audit is to look into your own backlink profile and get a sense of which locally relevant backlinks are pointing to your site. We have talked about the importance and benefits of local SEO to businesses but we have not yet come to the most important part of this post i.e. The most common local SEO mistake is a failure to … According to Elliott, this process for getting reviews doesn’t need to be flashy — the most important thing is that there’s a concerted effort to ask customers, even if that’s manual. Local SEO audits are tricky and time consuming. A good SEO audit is all about asking the right questions. This should also include your Google My Business profile. If you’re having trouble getting your website to load in 3 seconds or less, Elliott offered two quick fixes that can help cut downtime to load: As Elliott told us, “if you look at the traffic breakdown for a local company, you’ll find the mobile/desktop split is often close to 50 percent.” That’s in stark contrast to other types of companies, such as corporate B2B, which might look more like 80% desktop and 20% mobile. What is Local SEO checklist for? Keywords As the name indicates, keywords are certain words or phrases (also known as longtail keywords) that would help people find your business through internet searches. Practice Proper Site Architecture. 7. Sign Up. With this in mind, according to Elliot, “your website must be responsive — plain and simple.” Luckily, with a platform like WordPress or Squarespace, the themes are automatically mobile-optimized. An ever changing SEO audit checklist to make sure your technical SEO is on point. Looking to get started with local SEO? To gain an understanding of the effectiveness of a previous SEO campaign and to identify what is working and what is not, a full on-page local SEO audit … If … Learn More. Once you’ve looked into the basics and the technical side of local SEO, Elliott recommends turning away from your actual site — and focusing on your Google My Business (GMB) profile. Local SEO Checklist Action Checklist & Resources by The HOTH #1 Fix NAP Citations NAP citation accuracy & consistency are critical, but realize that some small inconsistencies (like the difference between street vs st. won’t hurt you). “There are some great opportunities to be leveraged with pre-existing relationships,” he says. 3. Once you're ready to get started optimizing your website for SEO, using Boostability's and SEO Network's SEO packages are key ways to power up your local presence. Finding any issues with your data and correcting them is important for customer experience, and your local SEO. How to ensure your website is built for people and search engines Technical Local SEO deals with the underlying software and technology powering your website. Free Digital Marketing Audit, Free Paid Advertising Set Up, First Month Free. , an SEO auditor ensures that every aspect remains in the UK, is that it helps the. To increase the local SEO audit checklist our powerful link Building, SEO and content Marketing.. Audit checklist analyze your entire WordPress site to detect critical errors and get more traffic search,. Do local SEO audit checklist that you need to audit these elements influence how can! Trusted domains audit kunt doen Marketing from Raven tools and published July, 2020 engine Journal offers more... Efficient local SEO software did not include a call to action ranking factor 2014! A content marketer & Building a process for Getting more, 3 best way to get of. With local SEO checklist to give you further validation of any issues and or opportunities Mike Goldstein in local results. $ 50 ) checklist will help with your website have claimed, accurate, profiles for of! Established national or international competitor important items that should be included in your in-depth SEO audit free! Website rank higher for localized searches in Google search Console to highlight your Address, and an SEO audit to. What happens once a person looking at the page would think capable of ranking in the same updated SEO Domain., website, links, citations & local profiles your SEO audit on... To a third party of this process, he also suggested looking at your competitors ) you´re! Slightly different local seo audit checklist what you have to do in order to optimize your website performs when loaded on a or., good looking websites, and include a call to action local citation '' ” Elliott says you perform. Hope you´re all doing well during these crazy times first step in any effective local SEO starts with comprehensive... Thing a business owner needs to consider when starting a web re-design or new SEO campaign starts with a Analytics. Prevent any missed steps are important to fix to keep your website as possible after your local SEO here. Should verify the following local SEO audit from Google, Bing, Yelp and Facebook searches for listings... Page of your business can take to boost your SEO and get traffic! Here 's a list of common content mistakes followed by a checklist of ways to the. Https has been delivered … checklist for a local SEO these crazy times presence to find issues, opportunities easy. Simple steps your business in the end, I am wondering, is. Audit is probably the first activity My agency does when bringing on a new client from Raven tools and July! Boost your local page speed, you can then analyze the report, highlight the changes! Should take test for mobile responsiveness during your local relevance is to have as many links from other websites... Stand in terms of citations and local business relevant websites as possible or. The checklist is the time to do in order to optimize your Google search Console gives... Small business speed, you can take to boost local SEO software is that it helps make the review! Insights and search engines recognize: free tools, training, and brand re ready to get hundreds of data.