GeoVario LLC is now a thing of the past. The buy out is complete, all services are now owned and operated by Professional Edge LLC. If you missed it - Professional Edge has been staffing the support organization at GeoVario since 2010, so anyone you are used to dealing with is still here ready to serve you! Only the ownership has changed, and the name will change soon.

Corporate Firewalls and GeoVario.
Corporate Firewalls and GeoVario.

Corporate users will now happily find GeoVario's VPN on - and the 'My GeoVario' control panle is now on ( no more obscure port numbers )

Stand for something or fall for anything.

Does your hosting provider shut you down 1st and ask questions later?

The dead of Winter

We updated our app installers ( blogs, cms, & shopping carts ) making your Freedom of Speech ( to talk or to sell ) easier than ever! Yes we said SELL also!

More Choices of WebMail

'Roundcube' the latest in HTML enabled WebMail; the familiar feel of 'AtMail Open'; or continue with 'Horde'. Click 'MyWebmail' above to try um out!

More Choices of WebMail

'Roundcube' the latest in HTML enabled WebMail; the familiar feel of 'AtMail Open'; or continue with 'Horde'. Click 'MyWebmail' above to try um out!

More Simple Installers.

Easy update to Wordpress 3! Plus Magento, Zen-Cart, Joomla, Drupal, and many more new installers added to your 'My GeoVario' control panel.

Simple Click Installers.

In the past we've been working on the best physical devices, now it's time for software! Easy to use Wordpress, Simple Machines Forum, phpBB3, and more now available at the bottom of your 'My GeoVario' control panel. Give um a try!

Click to get started with GeoVario Basic Web and Email Hosting starting as low as -$7.65 per month!
Basic accounts are a perfect for your simple websites, blogging with friends, and even sharing your photos, videos, or music.

Premium Web and Email Hosting Services starting as low as -$55.20 per month!
Premium series accounts include everything you need for your business to get online doing e-Commerce stores, medium sized Forums, large picture Galleries, Content Management Systems (CMS).

Premium Plus w/Worldwide Content Delievery starting as low as -$159.20 per month!
Premium Plus series accounts include everything you need for large worldwide presence, International e-Commerce stores, large Forums with users worldwide, if you can make it - we can deliever it anywhere the Internet goes as if you had local servers everywhere.

Business Grade SSL Certificates starting as low as -$5.55 per month!
Your e-Commerce store needs the best security, so we bring you Tier1 Comodo SSL security at a price your business can certainly afford, plus our easy of 1 click buy, install and renew makes it too good to pass up!

Domain Registration w/Contact Privacy starting as low as -$1.17 per month! (on .com)
Security sometimes comes in the form of Privacy, so every Domain Registration includes "Contact Privacy" usually an extra cost from others, completely standard with us. Just one more way we can help you.

Solutions from GeoVario, what needs to be solved?

Is your Freedom of Speech at risk with your current provider? (Have you read their terms of service or allowable content?)

At GeoVario, we not only take our role of allowing freedom of speech and expression seriously - we actively cherish our ability to provide this service to all. No matter your source historical or current, we believe in this fundamental human right - and will protect your right to say or express those thoughts, feelings, emotions, etc... that you have been prevented to say by companies who are only working on their bottom line.

Is your website and email down or slow all the time with your current provider?

Many providers say 99.9% uptime (which calculated means 1 minute and 26 seconds of downtime per day). Sounds pretty good doesn't it? Have you noticed their small fine print "... 99.9% uptime on network ..." not to your website's server and not to your email server. At GeoVario we take the type of web application hosting service normally available and affordable only to very large corporations and make it available to everyone. For indivduals and businesses who desire the highest level of service and security at an aggressive price point, we are here for you.
  Read more about Real 99.9% Uptime  

Is "best" sometimes just not good enough? For you we have the absolute answer. Worldwide delivery.

For some customers "uptime" isn't enough. For some "best of everything", still means not enough. For the most demanding of sites we offer "Geo-Diversity" a true content delivery network spanning the globe. This means your site runs the same speed in California, Texas, New York, England, Germany, Japan, Australia, or anywhere you or your customers can get Internet service! Complete seemless integration, you do nothing differently than you normally do, we setup and tune the automation to your specifications.
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Is the term "Customer Service" an oxymoron from your current provider? Many only have the Ox and Moron part down.

We believe strongly in privacy, security, and business integrity. We have a GeoVario customer bill of rights and we believe in protecting and defending defending our customers data, privacy, and service. Would your hosting company go to court for you to protect your rights? We have.
    Read from our Terms of Service      

Do each of your websites get proper ranking? Don't build your house on sand.

Search Engine Optimization (S.E.O.) are simple techiniques that can be added to your websites to get the best ranking on all search engines. Simple things like do each of your domains have it's own dedicated set of directory structures? Can you independently have different IP addresses set for each URL? Are you perhaps sharing an IP address with known spammers? And many more simple things can sometimes only be done when your Control Panel is doing things properly.
Click to start using our Content Delivery Services

Amusingly one of our customers told us they didn't get properly ranked on the search engines until moving to GeoVario - we laughed when we saw his site still running advertising for one of our competitors that had failed to get his site ranked at all!

Is Energy Efficiency or Industrial Recycling in your current providers vocabulary?

Are you looking to lower your own or your company's footprint on our world? We can help. GeoVario's each and every server, network device, router, etc - is carefully selected for both...
Read more about our Energy and Recycling Policies