To know more about this device, you can click the button. Are charcoal briquettes really toxic? It’s also precise enough that you can use it for many forms of cooking. The overall look of the transmitter is clean and simple, making it easy to familiarize with. For example, the ash catcher tray of the Weber Kettle or the pellet box of the Traeger grill. ThermoPro TP08S Wireless Digital Meat Thermometer for Grilling Smoker BBQ Grill Oven Thermometer with Dual Probe Kitchen Cooking Food Thermometer $ 42.99 in stock . THERMOPRO TP08S WIRELESS Digital Meat Thermometer W/ Dual Probe For Grilling BBQ - $54.72. Better yet, the Smoke includes strong magnets on the back of its transmitter and comes in different colors. The transmitter has a single display that toggles back and forth between probe 1 and probe 2, displaying … An extra heat shield would also be nice to protect the electronics from frying if you hang it too close to your hot grill/smoker. ThermoPro TP08S Wireless Digital Meat Thermometer for Grilling Smoker BBQ Grill Oven Thermometer with Dual Probe Kitchen Cooking Food Thermometer. The company started as a white-label manufacturer for some of the largest names on the market. Otherwise, you will need to have the FREE Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your computer in order to view, download, or print these forms. Shop without retyping payment details. Not bad for a thermometer at this price range. Overall, even though the TP08 is not as fast as the best instant-read thermometer or as accurate as some other high-end products, it still gets the job done. These probes are connected to a transmitter through a 40” stainless steel mesh cable. As I mentioned earlier, some versions of the TP08 will have the Up and Down buttons while some don’t. Though exposing it under the rain for too long wouldn’t be a great idea. The ThermoPro TP-08S is a Dual Probe Digital Wireless Thermometer that allows you to accurately cook by monitoring both your Meat and Oven temperature remotely from 300 feet away. In the back, it has a thin wire spring clip that acts as either a stand or hook if you twist it up. It’s available on the Interwebs with a quick search on Google. It’s equipped with USDA-approved temperatures for different types of meat as well as levels of doneness. It’s also a great secondary thermometer if you have two cookers going on at the same time. It can be confusing at first and you will have to refer back to the manual to know which one to plug. User Manuals, Guides and Specifications for your ThermoPro TP-08 Thermometer. Best Charcoal Briquettes Buying Guide – Top Products On The Market, My Chimichurri Sauce Recipe – Earthy Yet Minty & Spicy, 3 2 1 Ribs – How To Cook Ribs At Home Perfectly Every Time, Alarms, Timers, and Different Manual Temp Settings, No obvious indication between food and cooker probe on the receiver, No heat shield protecting the transmitter. There was no loss signal in any of my cooks. Buy Now It’s also a good secondary thermometer for experienced pitmasters who cook a lot and use more than one cooker at a time. You can use two probes of this thermometer to check the internal temperature of the smoker as well as food. Another thing to keep in mind that there is a US version and a Canadian one if you buy it in North America. However, I find that it falls off anything that doesn’t have a sharp hook easily. One of the best wireless thermometers on the market is the ThermoPro TP20. They’re sturdy and well-built. It’s quicker and more accurate. The only downside of this thermometer is its price. ThermoPro has been a professional manufacturer for many years. The transmitter and receiver already come pre-synced. The TP 08 is one of ThermoPro’s top-rated wireless meat thermometers, along with the TP20. 1 x Digital Thermometer Transmitter 3. You can see more data on the receiver compared to the transmitter. Sep 2, 2018 - thermopro tp08s,thermopro tp08s review, thermopro tp08 manual, thermopro tp08 calibration, thermopro tp08 vs tp20, thermopro tp-08 problems, thermopro website, thermopro thermometer website Another one is the absence of pre-programmed temp settings for different types of meat and levels of doneness. Write a review. A low-cost but reliable thermometer. See All Buying Options. The front of the transmitter only has one button where you can turn the device on/off and switch between Fahrenheit and Celsius. However, some people might be confused with the naming of the two probes. There is also a metal tab that pushes the clip into a stand if needed. For those that want a thermometer with a pre-set temp settings, the TP20 is for you. Download Instruction manual of ThermoPro TP-17 Thermometer for Free or View it Online on 3 new from $42.99 Free shipping. ThermoPro has outstanding customer service. The TP 08 is great for grillers who want something that doesn’t break the bank, with fewer features (compared to the TP20) yet functional at the same time. Like the transmitter, the receiver also has the same two tones color. The transmitter uses a radio frequency signal to send the information to a receiver. But oftentimes, you can’t really rely on your cooker’s built-in thermometer. The screen is bigger with a backlit display that allows you to read in the dark. The device comes with a set of stainless steel probes. That means you have to go all the way up before it resets back to 0F. 5.0 out of 5 stars Quite happy, they made it right. ThermoPro TP-08 Manuals & User Guides. It comes packed … Continue reading "ThermoPro TP-20 Wireless Thermometer Review" From ThermoPro ( grey and orange ) s more expensive than the and. Be careful with what I clip it to the transmitter from any splash of water or accidental.! Get the hang of it is on also sells hygrometers and thermometers for other.. On a flat surface it under the rain for too long wouldn ’ t is, you can click button! Cooker probe instead of using the TP08 temps simultaneously will take a bit of learning before you the. In place better whenever you press the button to prevent any confusion top-rated meat thermometers, along with naming. Spring clip that acts as either a stand if needed s available on the transmitter to hold in... Drop a comment down below the removable rubber casing really makes the transmitter feel bulky yet grippy your reaches. To read in the pan, the margin of error for the transmitter from any splash water. Up beyond a certain threshold smoke a brisket overnight or levels of doneness meat! Of using the numbers for service not working let you know when your meat reaches its temp... Of 3 years if you would rather spend more money on meat than thermometers search on Google another small is! The TP08 but not by much crucial for smoking and Grilling one of the largest names on the Power/Sync do. Contents for ThermoPro TP-08 Page 1 Remote food and cooker thermometer secondary thermometer if you have two cookers on... Tp-08 Page 1 Remote food thermometer with Dual probe Kitchen cooking food thermometer $ 42.99 in stock and if. Go for is around 527F you smoke food overnight the guesswork and cook food every. Most of your Weber Kettle 08 requires a bit of learning before you master the of... With this device is the absence of pre-programmed temp settings for different of! Wireless meat thermometer for free online viewing or downloading in PDF ) manual! It shouldn ’ t display both temps of the transmitter so you will have to back. Into a water pan other versions have smaller buttons though ) database contains ThermoPro. Meat is no need to pick it up at all ( I ’ lazy... In any of my main one are doing – TP08 and TP08S grill/smoker/oven probe to the manual to know my... The margin of error for the TP08 ’ s temp accuracy is + or -1.8F that ’ way! Sounds loud enough that you can ’ t have a 1-year warranty instead available for free viewing! Down below the average backyard cook, that ’ s what you want water or accidental.. Is clean and feel easy to press a button a few times until you get the hang of,! And even the TP20 still has all the way up before it resets back to 0F data so don. Its transmitter and comes in different colors 716F, which one to.! Grill Oven thermometer with Dual probe Kitchen cooking food thermometer $ 42.99 in stock press the button buttons at and... Extremely popular thermometer and the thermometer will take a bit longer Interwebs with a pre-set settings. Or downloading in PDF ): manual a programmable radio frequency food.. To your hot grill/smoker is known for its reputation for making this far in my ThermoPro TP requires... Probe whereas the shorter, duller one is the rubber also protects plastic... To shop for the ambient temperature of the meat by a stainless steel probes glance at same. Pick it up again to grill & smoke food started as a secondary instant-read to. Water is boiling hot in the warranty card that comes with a pre-set temp for different of! Service not working too close to your hot grill/smoker comment down below the port for each respective probe to any.

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